Well I had a great weekend!

Well I had a wonderful weekend. It all started with Friday. I got up around 0600. I took my shower, got dressed and got my things ready to go up to Ada. The drive up was horrible. The high winds almost picked my car off the interstate. I felt like I was going to just fly off the road. Well after I arrived in Ada, I watched the movie Stealth, as well as one other, but I can’t remember. See, I was supposed to go up to Ada to get our Cable connected. Well it turns out that I had to go up next Friday. Whoops. Well it wasn’t a total loss. Ed came home from college and then we drove back to Greenville and went to Keith’s Christmas party. It wasn’t the most fun I’ve ever had, but the food was just to die for. Well after this, we went home to celebrate my birthday! Yay! Presents are awesome. Well I got a bunch of cloths (always nice for a poor college student!) a DVD and a headset for my phone. Ohh and I got Starfox for the DS which I will write a review on here in a few days. After we had our family birthday bash, Ed and I went over to John’s house. We pretty much sat there playing Starfox while Matt and Eric played WoW. That game is so lame. I swear!  

 Then Saturday, I played some more Starfox (this game is addicting) and I worked on the calibratorhavenii.com website a bit. I’m working on making flash buttons for the nav bar. It shouldn’t take long now; I just need to make a few final touches. After that, we went back over to John’s and hung out for a while. I also got a chance to play some more bass. Man I love playing bass, well anything really. I’ve decided to give guitar a second chance. I have a Strat here and I’m going to slap on a set of Elixers and tune her up and see how I play. I think I’ll start with something very easy, Blink 182! Man, they are lame but they are great for learning the basics. That’s where you need to start, from the bottom. Don’t start from the top like I did with bass. I went straight to the Chili Peppers and it took me a while to get the hang of it. Now I just rip on the bass! I’m hoping to just learn how to play radio head after a while, and then move into some chili peppers. Maybe do some recording. I don’t know. Whenever I can find the time I guess.  

Sunday was the day of rest, just some slight work and mostly programming. Now that’s my idea day of rest, just relaxing. I bet Shawn hates me for this. I can actually have a day of rest and he can’t! Hah, poor Shawn. I went ahead and burned an image of my Final Fantasy IX game on my hard drive so I can play my game again. I let Matt borrow my PSX and he took it to someone’s house and they pulled a swap on my. Bah, it won’t work, but I don’t care. I have a computer that can play them ten times over. I downloaded an emulator and started playing. I am only on Disk two and not very far in the story. I am mostly doing the side quests like the chocobo digging quests. I am right at the part where Zidane rescues Dagger (Garnet) and they flee the castle after Dagger’s mother sentenced her to death. Man this was the best Final Fantasy. I don’t care what everyone else says. This blows VII out of the water, mostly because people got me turned off of VII because of all the hype. VII is my second favorite though.

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