A beer never sounds better than right now :)

After a long days work, it’s great to have a beer, read some e-mails and blog before you head to bed. Work’s been hectic right now. We’re busting major ass, but we’re not getting to far along. Seems like no matter how we work, there’s always something left to do. I think what makes work fun, is that I treat it like a game. Everything I do is one more step closer to getting that achievement of getting everything done. I can normally get my day’s tasks done, but there’s so much back work that needs done and then the people that leave things for you to do that you’re behind even before you start. It’s getting better though. We’re getting a strong Second Shift team now. I hear the new girl is working out really well. I hope when they get their new supervisor over second, one that’ll do better than the last one though. Seems like she just wanted to blame everyone else for her fallbacks. Then causing problems before she leaves. Very Unprofessional. No one gets to pick their boss, but they do have to work with them and get along with them.

I enjoy working hard. There’s nothing more fulfilling then getting home from a hard days work and saying, “I kicked some ass today. I’m proud of that.”

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