Alcohol and it’s affects

You know, there are so many people who drink alcohol out in the world today. You always hear how bad alcohol is. I am here to say that alcohol has its positives, and its negatives. It’s the people that drink irresponsibly that give alcohol a bad name.

First off, let’s explain how to read an alcoholic label. On the bottle of most wines, they will post their alcoholic content, usually between 10 to 13 percent by volume. Beers don’t report alcohol content, but for them it is typically three to four percent by volume. Regular beer is 3.6 percent alcohol by volume; light beer 3.2 percent by volume. 

Liquors usually measure alcohol in “proof” rather than percentage. To convert proof to percentage, just divide the proof number by two. Eighty-six-proof whiskey, for example, is 43-percent alcohol by volume. Most liquors fall into the 80-to-100-proof range.

Alright, now you know how to read the label, let’s talk about the downsides to alcohol. It a depressant, that’s not a good thing. You will be more prone to doing things you don’t want to do. Next, when taken in heavy doses, you become drunk. When you are drunk, you lose your most of your senses. You also don’t know you are drunk. You might think that you aren’t drunk, but you really are. One last thing, you could die from drinking alcohol. See, when you drink alcohol, your throat shrinks. The more alcohol percentage by volume you drink, the tighter your throat becomes. It’s not until you get to 90 percent that it becomes bad. If you drink 90 percent, you throat will close up mostly and might not open back up. If you drink 100 percent, you are as good as dead. Your throat will close up and won’t open back up. Good Luck!

Ok, now with the positives! Red wine, not only is it tasty by most people’s standards, but it is healthy (to a point). Drinking one glass a night builds a healthy liver. It basically flushes out you liver of poison. It also helps with weight loss. OMG, weight loss! Who would have thought?? Have you ever seen an overweight Italian?? Probably not. This is partly because they drink a glass of red wine at dinner. The Italians eat a lot of pasta, which is high in carbohydrates. With all the pasta they eat, they should be fat, but the red wine they drink helps them out, and they exersize a lot too! Red wine has a chemical in it that collects fats and makes it so that you dispose of the unused carbohydrates. Beers and liquors don’t offer this. There are just really no ups to beers or liquor. Drinkning a beer or two your buddies isn’t a bad thing. It’s just like pop with a side affect.

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