And finally a blog about California. I’ve had my pictures on facebook since I came back, but I’ve yet to blog about California. Seems that laziness has befallen me these last few weeks with my website!

California was great! I would love to move out there sometime. 90 degree weather and low humidity! I was outside for hours and didn’t even notice it, where after being out for an hour in Ohio with 100% humidity, I though I was going to die. It’s amazing how much the humidity affects body heat dispersion. It’s going to rain all day today, so we can hopefully see some less humid days in the future.

It was great to see Matt again. He is by far, my best friend in the whole world. We’ve been there for each other through the best of times and the worst of times. I can confidently say, I love you, man. You’re a brother to me. Oh yes, it was good to see you as well Julie!

Now, enough of the ass kissing. When I flew in, I had very little sleep, so I was looking forward to sleeping for a few hours. Matt was unable to pick me up however, so he had his buddy Ben pick me up. I met Ben when Matt came back to Greenville for vacation, so it wasn’t like I was getting picked up by someone I didn’t know. We went over to Ben’s place and hung out with one of his buds for a few hours while we waited for Matt to get done with some of his ALS classes. Ben dropped me off at the Gym on base and I watched Matt kick some ass at volleyball against the NCO’s. They ended up losing 23 to 25. Hoover Dam! It was still good to see them get so close. The NCO’s haven’t lost a game for years. Great work, man!

That night, we went to a place called, (snickering aside please) BJ’s. This place was awesome. It’s a micro brewery that has some amazing alcohol. None of it was too overpowering. The four beers I tried there were all very smooth, yet very distinct flavors. My favorite was the Jeremiah Red, which was like a Killians without all the bite. Very good. I almost wish I just drank that all night. The food there was amazing, too. I ordered a chili cheeseburger that blew my mouth away! After rereading this paragraph, I think some people might make fun of me at work for this. Ate something that blew my mouth away… CRAP!

The next day, Matt had his last day of work, so I slept in to catch up on zero sleep for the last two days. When I got up, I played a game on his PS3 for a few hours while I waited for him to get home. When he got home, we had to get ready to go to his graduation ceremony. I didn’t get to sit at his table, which kind of bummed me out. I sat with his friend Tyler and a bunch of the NCO’s and a Captain. The Captain was pretty cool. Talked with him for a while about places around California. The ceremony went on for a few hours after we had our dinner. Afterwards, we went back out to party.

The next day, Matt was officially done with the Military. We headed down to San Fransisco for a day on the town. San Fransisco was amazing! Literally a city built on a hill. I still can’t believe they built skyscrapers on hills. We parked over on the pier and walked all through the town. We first headed to the mall where I bought a new hat. I should get a picture of me wearing it. The picture of me with the hat in the California album is not the hat I bought. That hat was $80 on clearance, twice over. I wasn’t even that happy with it. We came across another hat that I ended up buying for $20. Such a deal!

After our fantastic day in San Fran, we went to the Happy Viking in Roseville for beer! This place had 50 beers on tap. 50! I tried a bunch of different drinks, but nothing is better than Guinness on tap. Afterwards, we went to a place called In and Out for some fries and a sandwich. This place was awesome! They create the fried from potatoes right in front of you. Talk about fresh! While we were eating, some girls we met at the bar came in, so we ended up talking to them for a few a while. We headed home and went to bed. I had to leave the next day to come back to Ohio. I wish I could have stayed longer, but the trip was racking up the bills! All in all, I loved the trip. It was great to see Matt and Julie again. I can’t wait until next year! I promised to visit them where ever they are!

On a completely unrelated not to California, I’ve been thinking about my last blog for almost a month now. Logical Emotion. I really just don’t understand it. Logic tells you one thing, and emotion tells you another. There’s quote after quote telling you to follow your heart and you’ll never be lead astray. This is true only to a certain point because you’re heart has a tendency to lie to you. Not necessarily lie to you, but mislead you. But as I always say, misleading is the same thing as telling a lie. I tend to be a logical person. Logic can keep you from making stupid decisions, but to what cost sometimes? Is logic really the best way to look at life? At times, I think so. Others, I think it just makes things too complicated. There’s always two sides to a coin.

Ok, I think I’m going to read some and maybe go one a bike ride if the weather seems to settle down long enough for me to get out. Have a good day everyone, and remember to be logical and emotional!

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