The last week!

Well my last week was interesting. Well, first off, my internet hasn’t been working right. It seems we lose our connection for a while. For instance, we had our internet down for the whole day. Road Runner in Ada needs to get there act together soon because I don’t really want to pay for not having the internet. I would rather pay for dial up and have the internet at a very low speed than never having the internet. I am looking at going with a place called Embarq for my internet needs. I don’t know if I will. I will try my best to get Road Runner to work.

On Sunday, Ed and I went to Greenville for the weekend. Our first night was somewhat fun. We went out to Richard’s house. It started out with a game of Might and Magic. Man, it’s been years since I played Magic. I used to play all the time. I had three decks. A sliver deck (just for fun!), a Zombie deck (It kicked major butt!) and a Discard deck. My favorite deck to play was the Discard deck. It was a 40 card deck that made you discard your deck. It played fast and had a few cards that kept you from attacking. It was an all around good deck. It didn’t fair well against direct damage decks though. Well, Suzi and Ruben went on a beer run and brought the rest of the guys some booze. Ed suggested a drink called Killians Irish Red. I have to say, I have lost all faith in beers. A lot of people like the stuff, but I still hated it. All beers just taste really bad. Liquor is just the worse. I don’t know why people drink that stuff. It just burns. I guess after a while you don’t remember how bad it tastes so you would get used to it. Well we decided to play a game of FRAG. A nice game for massive gamers! Well, we were playing when Shawn and Ed got into a debate about whether a rule was in the rule book or not. Well Shawn looked for about ten minutes and gave up because he didn’t want to find it. Well, he went and watched TV. Well I looked in the book and the rule we were arguing about was not in the book. So technically, Ed was right. The card says play at anytime and it never says in the rules that it needs to be on the table instead of in your hand. When we first got the game, we played like that. Then at Richard’s house, Shawn and Richard were saying you couldn’t. I went with them because it made since that the card has to be in play for you to use it. But it never says it in the rules. So Ed was right 100% So then Ed and Suzi got in a spat, I have no idea what about and Richard deleted all of Ed’s pictures off his camera. That really pissed me off. You don’t delete someone’s pictures. He had some pictures from a party at ONU that he can never get back now. No one deserves that. I’m not even going to finish out the night because it makes me mad recapping it. Not just how Ed behaved, but everyone.

Well Sunday was fun. My whole family got together for Family Christmas. I love my family. Everyone just loves each other and we have a bunch of fun. Both sides of my family are great. My dad’s side is filled geniuses. I know where we get our smarts Bah-Zing! Anyway, we had our Family Christmas with our Mom’s side. Everyone just has a great time. I of course played with the kids for a while. Then once they got their toys, they found more interesting things to keep them company. All of us watched the Browns Vs whoever game. The Browns lost so I thought it was well worth it! I don’t hate them; I just don’t want to root for them!

Monday was awesome. After Ed got home from college, a few of us went to Texas Roadhouse for steaks! That was awesome! Think about it, huge steaks covered in Mushrooms, onions and cheese! Ohh it tasted so good. After the meal, we went to the movie theatre to watch Happyness. That movie is awesome! Will Smith in a serious movie. It just made me want to cry! But I didn’t. You know, I’m a guy!

Tuesday and Wednesday Ed and I had Bacon and cheesy eggs! Man they were good. Our house smelled like bacon and we were going nuts because it made us so hungry. Why is Bacon so good and something like a cheeseburger is not as good. I guess the more grease something has, the better it tastes? It makes sense. Bring on the grease. But if you eat a lot of greasy foods, you need to work it off by going to the gym and work off all that fat!

Well guys, have a fun and safe holiday. I will be adding a few things to my website on my time off so stay tuned!

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