I beat Mario!

Well guys, I’ve finally beat “Mario Bros DS”. When I say beat, I mean beaten every level and found every secret. It took a lot of time and concentration. In Mario DS, there are these three coins in every level and you need to collect them to unlock secret paths and item houses. The best things to unlock are the backgrounds. All it does is change the background so you don’t have to use the lame white background on your alternate screen. It’s not a big deal, but I can say I have them! This version of Mario has eight levels like the rest, but to get to levels four and seven, you have to beat the previous castle as mini Mario. That’s another thing that’s different, the mushrooms. There are three types of mushrooms now. The first of these types is the regular shroom which just makes you big. The second type of shrooms makes you gigantic! I think the game calls them the Mega Mushrooms. With this, you can bust though just about everything. They down side to using the megashroom is that you after about fiftteen seconds, you become normal Mario again, losing whatever enhancement you had. The last type of mushroom is the mini mushroom. This is by far the best! Once ingested, you become a tiny Mario capable of moving in small places, activating small warp pipes and jumping to the highest to reach places. You will use the whole arsenal when trying to find all the coins.

I’ll post some more later today in another post. I need to get this IRC bot for Calibrator Haven working.

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