New CPU!

So here I am, on a Tuesday afternoon. My new processor came to my mother’s house in Greenville. Well, my brother and I looked at each other and we knew what we were both thinking. ROAD TRIP! Wahoo! So we pack our things and we were going to leave. Well we looked outside and it was snowing. The forecast called for dense snow for the whole trip. We were going to go for it anyway. He bought an FX-60 and he bought the Opteron 180 (Newegg didn’t have the 185 so I bit the bullet on that one smile.gif ) for me! What a nice fellow. We didn’t want to wait so we just hit the road! Well, once we got to Lima, the snow started coming down so thick that we couldn’t see fifty feet in front of us. It was getting bad. We were on I-75 going 40 mph unsure.gif It was pretty bad. Luckily, the roads were somewhat clear because there were a lot of cars traveling.

Well, we got to Wapakoneta and saw a waffle house. We had no choice but stop. I love my hashbrowns! Yeah, I’de like triple hashbrowns smothered and covered please! Yummy! Anywho, back to the road. Since we stoped, my car was covered with snow. I took the couple of minutes to clear off the windshields and wipers. Here’s were things get bad. The exit in waffle house was downhill… Snow + downhill = bad. So I wait there for a few minutes for traffic to completely die out and proceed down the hill. Well I got down the hill ok and everything, but since I was waiting there for a minute, snow built up on my windshield. I wiped it off with my wipers, but some of the snow stuck to the wiper and froze. Needless to say, my wipers didn’t work real good after that. Once I got back on the interstate, the speed of the car pushed all the water off the windshield and I could see again!

Not a lot happened till we got to Piqua. We got on 36 and started heading through Piqua. The roads here were very bad. You couldn’t go faster than 15 mph or you would slip off the road. Once out of town, we could go about 40 mph and not fall of the road. The ride from there was pretty boring. The only thing we saw was an SUV plow into a tiny car. I guess he thought since he was big that he could stop fast. Nope.

We got to Greenville A-Ok and raveled ourselves in our new computer eguipment! Ahh, it’s so nice to upgrade your computer. We have the best computers that 939 will offer. Our next upgrade will be an overhaul of the system. We need DDR2, our current graphics card is good; but we will be wanting DX 10 here in a year or so; our CPUs are the best 939 has to offer; we have plenty of HDD space, over 1 TB each; our motherboard is rock solid. I am very happy with our builds. I researched the parts for a total of about ten days before we bought our parts so we didn’t just jump the dun when we first built these systems.

So we packed up everything and left for Ada once again! Ohh, for the record, the first trip took 2 hours 30 minutes. Normal trip time is 1 hour 30 minutes. Ok, back on topic. We left Greenville and proceeded on 36 till we hit Piqua. This time, the roads were VERY bad. By very bad, I mean there was no road and the visibility was about null. Once we got back to I-75, the roads started clearing up, but the visibility was still not that good. After about ten minutes of going 30 mph, I decided to follow this big rig going 50 mph. I figured I could stop faster than it, and I gave myself plenty of distance. At times, I couldn’t see him but 20 feet in front of me which we promptly slowed down to 20 mph. Near Wapakoneta, we saw a huge wreck going southbound. All traffic was stopped for about three miles. Glad I wasn’t going down there. Well, we got into Lima and got back to Ada fine! This trip however took about 3 hours 30 minutes. We tacked on two extra hours onto the trip. How lame!

Well, we go inside and started setting up. Ed moved his computer table so we could use that to gut out computers. We were so excited! I’m still excited! So I started taking my components out when Ed asked where our Arctic Silver Thermal Paste was. We forgot the 12 g tube at my mom’s house doh.gif GAH!!!!! THE WHOLE TRIP WAS A WASTE!!!!!!!!! I was so sad I about cried. The roads were so bad we didn’t want to make the trip again. So here we are with our power house CPUs and no thermal grease to create the bond between the CPU and the heatsink. I think I am going to go and cry… My mom said she could meet us halfway in the trip and give us the thermal paste. So I guess we’ll put the CPUs in this weekend.

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