Overdue update

I had a rather awkward moment the other day. I was over at my mother’s house and I decided to fix a drink while I was watching The History Channel. I reached for what I thought was a Pepsi. After filling the glass, I took a big chug, as I love my Pepsi. It had a rather odd taste and I looked at the bottle to see if it had expired. Come to find out, I drank my first Pepsi max. I was not impressed. That is almost as bad as the time I bought grapefruit juice instead of orange juice. The grapefruit juice is just slightly more sour than orange juice.

So, it’s 2012! It’s been a while since my last update. I’ve been slightly busy. Rachel and I have been going steady for six months now. Things have been going very well for us. School has also been keeping me busy. My winter break was nice, but I was excited to get back to school. I have a fairly fun quarter. Differential equations is probably my favorite class thus far. Linear systems is still going over review of circuits and calculus. Once things start to pick up, I think I’ll have more fun. Physics is just going to be a pain. Light and sound sounds light a big old hoot!

Work has been draining me as oblate. I can work very hard at a project, and by the time I come into work the next day, it will be destroyed for what seems like no good reason. This is pretty frustrating, but I keep at it, hoping that our inventory will improve.

All in all, I am happy with life right now. I have about a year left in my undergrad. I am finally going to finish it. I think I put it of long enough. If all goes well, I should have my degree next spring. I might have to put it off for a semester due to the psychology minor. I don’t have it done yet, and I’m waiting on semesters to take the last 4 classes I need.

I was recently looking at new computer parts, since it has been a while since I updated my computer. After a long while of looking, I came to the conclusion that I really don’t need a new computer or any parts. I have a rule. I don’t upgrade something unless I will get three times the benefit as the last one for the same price as the original element. Most of my components fall into this category, but I just don’t use my computer enough for games anymore. Skyrim was the last game I played for an extended period, but I find myself not playing because of lack of time. School, work and a wonderful girlfriend keep me pretty busy.

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