CPU Installed!

So, Ed and I finally got our new CPUs in our computers Friday. I am very impressed with how it performs. I can handle very heavy loads on my CPU with minimal latency. The Opteron sports a nice triple coherent Hyper Transport Link to the RAM. It might not handle one application better than the Athlon, but a multi tasker will see great performance increase with the Opteron. Think about it, you will be able to run your heavy resource eaters while playing your music and other media so you don’t get bored. Fantastic! Now, for the heavy duty gamer, the Opteron might not be that prefect buy. A gamer needs to crunch out the numbers as fast as it can.

When I performed the 3D Mark 06 benchmarks, my CPU scores doubled, my SM 2.0 score rose 50 and my SM 3.0 increased by 150. Not too bad. That’s about what I expected. The FX-60 showed a slight lead by breaking my CPU Score by about 100 points. I would assue it would because it is clocked 200 MHz faster. Then again, he was using 1600.1200 while I was using 1280×1024. Well actually, I think 3D Mark uses a default for the the CPU rendering tests. The FX-60 is fast, but I need something that can move large amounts of data in a very short time.

I just bought a new toy for Photoshop called Fluid Mask. It’s a very neat tool that can making masking easy within Photoshop. It takes the image and chops up the image into colors and areas so you can remove a certian part of the image. It was a bit pricey, but it is a very useful program, but it eats a significant amount of resources. The real reason I got it is because I wanted to see how much my computer could handle. I DivX encoded a DVD at 1400 Kb/s with lossless AC3 audio, rendered an image with 5728 colors, uploaded a few files to my web server at 650 kb/s while downloading BF2142 from EA, and I had CounterStrike: Source running in the background. With all this, I was still seeing good response times from the CPU.

My one beef with buying new computer parts, is I have to reformat. With pretty much any operating system, you will need to reformat after a major hardware change. Since I changed the whole core of the computer, I think it was a good idea to avoid any hardware issues. It usually takes a good four hours to get everything back the way you OS was before the reformat. It’s not that big of a deal, but when you get a new piece of hardware you want to test it out and do your system benchmarks and stability tests.

In my own Opinion, I would suggest a gamer going with the FX-60 for those reasons. The gamer needs the ability to crank out a number fast and send it to the other devices as fast as it can. The Opteron was built for load, not speed. As it may be close to the same speed as the FX-60, it doesn’t have that full 2 GHz FSB, but it has three 1 GHz links for fast transfer covering multiply links. Only get the Opteron if you plan on running 10+ programs most of the time. The FX-60 will be slightly better for running maybe a video encoder with music playing, or maybe a game and a downloading service.

Load times. Dual cores don’t really decrease load times. There might be an increase in about two seconds, but not enough to make you jump for joy.

To make Dual core work for XP, Microsoft released a patch you can install. When XP was designed, they didn’t have dual cores on the brain, so to speak. To get the patch, visit Microsoft’s Website and download their dual core patch. I’m sure non of you are running pirated software, but if any of you guys need this and can’t download it for any reason, let me know and I’ll send it to you.

The time is ripe for the final upgrade in 939. Right now, we basically need to build new computers if we want to upgrade. There’s nothing left. Only more AMD pulling out some BS and changing their socket ten times… This is getting old AMD. They have so many sockets because they think it’s better to make a new socket than to have others try to stick an AM2 CPU in the 939 edition board. They are completely different chips and can’t be run on the same board. That’s one thing Intel got right. Keep the same socket, only upgrade it. For the most part, it works. I don’t know why AMD can’t make their chips work together.

With that, I bid you farewell. Until next time.

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