Website Upgrades

I will be upgrading my website sometime in the week. It all depends on how much time I have. I have a rough draft for it in my head. I just need to get my ideas down on paper or get something put together in publisher or illustrator. I have the concept for the flash indexing software and I have a idea about getting dynamic music on my website. After all that, I will be making my homepage (finally)! It’s going to get the last entry from my blog, maybe some random music from my archives, or a random file from my flash archives. I have so much I can do, I just need to get started on something soon. I don’t want this site to start slaking.

The greatest thing about having your own webserver is how much freedom you have. I have my own e-mail account, 220+ GB storage of webspace with a monthly limit of 2.4 +TB! I can also put anything I want on here. That’s a fantastic feeling because now I have a place for me, just me!

Ohh, I thought of another thing I want to add to the site. Image directories for my renderings. You can’t seem to find many good renderings from games and anime anywhere on the net. There are nice collections, but it seems you have to search real hard for the really good ones. I will just make a catalog of my favorite animes and game renders. I will definatly be throwing out some good old Hellsing! That anime is awesome. There’s this one Vampire that is under the control of a church and he goes around killing the evil vampires. His name is bit of an enigma, but everyone calls him Arucard. I will also be taking some renders from Ah! My Goddess. I loved season 2. There were many great adventures!

So there you have it. I will be updating my site so it doesn’t look so boring and I’ll give you guys cool pictures!

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