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I have been busy working on my new little project. I was tired of having a default FTP look for my folders where I store my downloads so I decided to write a script that will return the contents of a directory. It basically does the same thing, but I will be able to control certain aspects of the files. One, I will be able to search sub directories with the same script. Two, I can exclude certain files or directories from the listing. This will help with the overall layout of the script. Third, I can integrate this into my blog so the blog acts as the center for my whole website. I will be adding a main homepage later that will act as a welcome panel. It will show my latest blog entry, my latest flash entry (when I get the flash module done), and some other useful information. Then it will link to my blog. The blog will have individual pages to my modules, like downloads, media, flash, whatever. This integration might take a month or so, but I am very excited about it.

Anyway, the directory listing is in version 1.0 stage. It is a basic script that only returns the listing from the root directory. I will be expanding this to include sub directories, file/folder exclusions, and much more. Here is the current release note.

Directory Listing Version 1.0
What’s new
Since version 0.2
-Changed the file structure.
-Added new images
-Fixed the formatting errors in IE7

since version 0.1
-Fixed the error where the directories would be listed as files.
-Added new logo, folder, and file images.
-Added support for changing the image directory.
-Added support for file extension images. See function “get_file_extension”

What’s coming in the next versions
-Subfolder browsing
-Easier CSS modifications
-File exclusions
-Folder exclusions

For a working demo of it, visit

Click here to download this script.

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