What is time?

Well it’s been about a month since I updated this darned blog! I’ve been rather bust lately. I’ve taken up another charity job. I’m now building the website for my DDO (Dungeons and Dragons Online) guild. It seems Dreamhost gave me another free domain this year. So I started hosting them on my account. I built them a website and installed vBulletin. It’s not that doing this stuff is hard, in fact I think it is very easy. I just think people get over whelmed with all the code, that they just give up.

I still remember the first forum server I installed. It was back in the day of IPB (Invision Power Board) version 2.0.0 (right after their switch from providing free forum service to a paid service. I installed the forums, modded the look and feel, and created a homepage. It was so much fun! It was too bad the site never made it. After about a year, the members started revolting the leaders and the server was closed. I didn’t really do much with hosting for the next few years in highschool. During my Senior year, I took a web design class. This reinvigorated me to build websites again. I bought my web server and started my coding! I first started with a simple design, then expanded to include many different mods. I took the basic design of wordpress, and made into my little world! After a few months of the design, I went ahead and started over. I don’t know why I did. As soon as I did, I started working overtime and never had time to rebuild anything. Well School is winding down, so I will have more time to code! First order of business is to finish the directory listing script. After I have the script running well, I will probably add some cool java script features. The next thing is the Flash listings. It will be using the MySQL server to load in a database, and list all the flash animations hosted on my site. After that, I think I will work on my music streaming flash program. I’ll link the music list to an external file and stream in from a folder on my server. Shouldn’t be too much work :P

Well more on this subject later. I have some work to do!

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