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I have been thinking of making a video blog. I’ve been watching some videos on YouTube and it got me thinking that I can video blog about things. Well, I’ll tell you the truth, I will probably either blog about computers or about what pisses me off. There are many things that piss me off and it would be easy. Plus I think people will like what I have to say. Too many times do I go on YouTube and watch videos that I absolutely hated. I’m the kind of person that will watch or read a blog in it’s entirety. I have found a few movies that turned out great, and some that never seemed to get better. But the main reason I watch these is either for entertainment or I like what the person has to say (or they agree with my views). Maybe that will be one of my first videos. A video blog about myself. Heh, who would be interested in that!

I think this will give me something good to work on. I am pretty burned out of college life right now. I really just need some good projects to keep me busy. I know I am going to restart my directory listing script, but that’s easy stuff. I don’t know much about video blogging so I think this will be something that will be fun! I am really interested to see if anyone has some of the same views I do.

It seems I have a new charity job! I am making the website for my Guild in DDO (yes, a MMORPG, but this is very fun!). Before I go into details on the website, let me explain why I play DDO (Dungeons and Dragons Online). DDO may not have as many people as WoW, but it’s full of mature people, fun people, and good people. In WoW, it was easy to find a group, but hard to find a good group. In DDO, it seems that people have a better idea how to play the game. WoW seems more like you have to be a robot to play. It’s the same thing over and over. People say it gets fun at level 50-60. I don’t want to spend a month or two to get to level 60 on one character for the game to be fun. I want it to be from from the get go. DDO gives me this. From day one, it was the best game ever! I really enjoy underpartying for a mission. This is when you take only 3 or 4 people instead of 6 and you take random people. It really brings a new light to the game. You have to learn to mold to the party. Another reason I like DDO is the number of kids that play. I have only seen two kids playing. One made off with my sword! He kept asking for a sword because he was using a weapon that he wasn’t proficient with. After about ten minutes, I said her man, take this. It was a short sword +1 of acid. These weapon is like gold to lower level characters (which we were). After I gave it to him, he said, “Ohh, I have to go guys.” I was mad. He joins the group for ten minutes and makes off with my sword. I hate kids… Most people will give you items, but the receiver usually brings something to the group, like a couple of hours of dedication to the team or offer their items to the team. Most people don’t just take and leave. I was shown that there are those people in the game.

The DDO engine is about the best engine I have played on. My group was fighting a group of Minotaurs in a quest. The fighters rushed forward and I stayed back to guard the spell casters. I was a cleric so I am meant to heal anyway! Well, a Minotaur rushed based the blockade and ran straight for me. I held out my shield hoping for a block. When the Minotaur finally got to me, he grabbed my shield, threw me forward, and leaped over me. I was stunned. I had no idea the engine was this powerful. I had to hurry up and get back to the spell casters before they died! This game is so much fun!

Well, two paragraphs and one Pepsi later, I finally get to my charity job. I grouped with a couple of guys for a few missions and the rouge of the group was an officer in a guild. He said I was a great cleric and would love to have me in the guild. I accepted and I found out they had no website. This could not be! I told the guys I would build them a website. It’s coming along, but I don’t have all day to work on it. It’s basically a bare bone forum system right now. You can view it at:

I am off once again. I have 2 exams Monday so it will be at least until then before I start on any scripts. Thanks for reading!

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