The new website is up


Ok, after stepping away from my blog for so long, I have decided to come back to the blogging scene.

I remapped the folder with sub domains for organizational purposes. Now I have three sub domains; blog, downloads, flash. At the moment, the only one working my blog sub domain You know, I’ve been talking about sub domains and you probably have no idea what one is. Well a domain consists of three parts, the domain, sub domain, and hosthostname. The domain can be identified easy because it is the right most label. This part tells the DNS what domain server to use. Most of you will see this as .com or .net or something along those lines. Then there’s the sub domain The sub domain is the left most portion of the web address. This is just a domain that is part of a larger domain. Most of you see this one as www. So are you with me so far? The last part of the web address is the hostname. This is the name name of the server basically. Let’s look at google’s website (““). Their domain is “com”, their sub domain is “www”, and their hostname is google. Easy right. Well let’s look at my web page just to reinforce what you have just learned (“”). My domain is “com”, my sub domain is “blog”, and my hostname is “rob-meier”.

 I like using sub domains because it makes organizing your website so much easier. Instead of having one huge cluster of folders, I have three folders with all my information. I plan on adding a few more soon. I would like to have my pictures and media to have their own sub domain Just added organization. With the way it looks now, my website is going to be all sub domains I also like how I can add someone to my FTP server and give them access to a sub domain while not giving them access to my hostname. Basically, if I give someone access to my pictures sub domain, they can add files to my pictures sub domain without me worrying about them deleting files from my blog sub domain

I will also be moving my old database to my sub domain tomorrow. Right now, no one will have their login information. I will also be adding new features.

Till next time my fellow bloggers!

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