New apple i-PieceOfCrap…

Apple has done it again. They have made another i-product that will probably contain many bugs that will piss me off. It happened with the i-pod nano, i-pod video, and it will probably happen again.

There is something about me when it comes to updates. If something is working, like my drivers, I will not update them until something is not working the way it should. Heck, my video drivers for my desktop are from 2005. I’ve downloaded and installed the new versions on my secondary partitions, but I just don’t like them. Yes they have some newer technologies in their drivers, but they seem to make games run worse. I don’t have the best system in the world, but I want it to work at it’s full potential. The nVidia drivers are the worst here. Ever update I take, brings my system back just that much more. ATI seems to be good about their updates though. I have updated my laptop’s video drivers 2 times already and I only see improvements.

I also hate how the i-pod software forces you to use i-tunes. If I wanted to use a crappy program, I would say so… At least give me the option to use something else, like Windows Media Player. I hate i-tunes. It’s so boring and lackluster. Sure, you can change the color, but it’s still just as boring. And what’s the deal with watching movies on it? You have to open a new window just to watch a movie? WTF!! Ohhhhhhhhh… One thing that just pisses me off to no end, the i-tunes update tool. For the love of god… If that thing kicks me out of another game, I will delete it, and I will just destroy my i-pod. It’s not worth all the hassles. I will never buy another piece of mac software. If they don’t want to make it work seamlessly with at least the two leading software companies, then I will not buy it again.

Well, anyway. There’s one more thing I hate about i-pods. The updating. I was tired of i-tunes asking me if I wanted to update my ipod every time I plugged it in, so I finally updated it. Big mistake. Since then, my i-pod music has been messed up. I spent a few hours re uploading my music. It changed a lot of the media information so it couldn’t even sync anymore. My brother hasn’t had any problems with his SanDisk mp3 player. It’s been working 100% since day one. He can use any program to sync his music, he can do video, he has 4 GB flash memory with EXPANDABLE memory. I really hope that apple puts this on any future flash memory i-pods they make. 4 GBs may go fast, but then you can use nice little 2 GB micro SD chips and have an infinite supply of music or videos. Sure you can get an i-pod video with 30-60 GB of storage, but it’s slow as hell to switch from album to album. I am all about speed.

Well, that’s it for today’s rant and rave. Check out their website for details:

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