School is slowing down.

School seems to be slowing to a crawl. You know, I went to school thinking that everything would be fast paced and we would cram a lot into our little brains. I was wrong. School is too easy. It almost makes me want to just not even try. The monotony of it is mind numbing. I sit there through a hour or two lecture and gather one equation and a few facts. I like my Physics professor. He is really speeding through everything. He’s one of those people that talk a mile a minute. He pauses for questions, but it seems like its only long enough for him to catch his breath! I think a lot of the people in the class are shy. The professor is trying to warm everyone up to talking and participating in class. I guess this is the first time some of these people have been in a college class. You can really tell who has never been in a college environment before, they really stand out.

I still think my Math professor is the best instructor I have this year. He has that perfect balance of humor, seriousness, and understanding. He’s such a talented and intelligent guy. He has a great understanding of life, so you can really talk about philosophy with him. I think he biggest trait is his caring. He is so dedicated to every one of his students. He strives to make sure that everyone understands all the material. OSU is very lucky to have such a great professor.

This is just going to be a short update. I’ll make a much longer post tomorrow to cover what happened over the weekend.

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