OSU wireless has been fixed!

So these guys that are sitting on the couch to my right are trying to compare WoW and Runescape. I find it really funny they are comparing stats, builds, spells, skills, etc. Do they really have nothing better to do that they have to sit here in the lounge and annoy me. I was at Stapes yesterday talking to an employee about some of the new software and hardware on the market. He’s was pretty knowledgeable about computer, so it was cool to talk to him. Then he started talking about WoW. I just didn’t reply to any of his comments about WoW until we finally got off the subject.

OSU finally fixed the wireless network out here. I can now check my e-mails and surf the web. They did however block out most of my services. If I want to use anything, I might have to go through a proxy server. I don’t really like proxy servers. Well… I guess I wouldn’t have to. I can check my e-mail online instead of inside Outlook. Miranda is nice because I can change the port I connect onto my IM services. That should get by their little block, but I don’t think the IM service will work. They might block the whole login server itself, in which case I would have to go through a proxy server. I don’t like the idea of a proxy server because they can monitor everything that is going in and out of the connection. I don’t want them reading my e-mails, IMs or anything. I would much much rather find a way around their little system. Meh… I might get in trouble for that one, but I don’t care. What’s the most they can do? They could block my Mac address from the hub. WOW! Not having the internet is better than having prying eyes all over my internet access.

Man, I just find it too funny that these guys are talking about WoW. They are debating what the best way to set up your soul stones is. This is making me laugh way too hard. These guys need to get away from the computer for a while. At least when I am on the computer, I am not playing games all the time. I played games during the summer, but now that I am back in school, I don’t have much time for games. I might play a first person shooter every now and again, but that’s about it.

Well, I have class in about twenty minutes or so, so I am going to get going. Until next time!

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