Meh… It’s still boring in Ada.

Hover Dam! It’s raining. This is a major inconvenience. I left my coat in the car hoping it wouldn’t rain. I’m actually glad I left it in there. Everyday, something bad happens. It never fails. I’m just glad I got it over with over something so trivial. I can deal with a little water. That’s not a problem.

So, all my classes are moving along at a somewhat decent rate. I still wish that my Physics class would move along a little faster. We are still covering chapter two. Physics is not hard at all. We are finally moving into forces. This is where things become fun! Once we talk about forces, we move into centripetal movements and rotational displacements. This is still by all means very boring, but it’s better than your basics in Physics.

I can’t wait until next quarter. I’ll be taking a class in computer logics through problem solving. It’ll cover things like solving a problem through the use of a computer program. Say you had a wall that is infinitely long going in both directions throughout all infinity. Somewhere on that wall is a door. Your goal is to write a program that will find that door the fastest way possible. Man, I love problems like this. It really makes you think in a way that you normally don’t. I guess you could say it forces you to think outside the box.

Well, I am going to work on my Chemistry lab report before class begins. Until next time!

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