New Hobby?

Chris really got me into a program called Reason. It’s, for lack of better term, a music creation program. It’s designed to give the user a virtual rack mount. The user can add different synths, effects, mixers, etc on their virtual rack. Each device has their own filters, shapers, etc so you can really get some unique sounds. I’ve only had Reason installed for a day or two now, and I already love it! I’ve started taking old tunes from video games and remixing them with the device synths. I’m learning a lot about how sounds are shaped by toying with all the little knobs and thing-a-ma-bobs (yeah, there are thing-a-ma-bobs!).

Here’s a little something I made in a few hours. It’s a remix of the gaunlet theme music. I’ll think of a good way to organize this stuff, but until then, I’ll just post links.

The future songs will be much better, this is only a trial song. I want to do the theme to Star Fox as well as some famous classical pieces.

That’s all for now, I need to get back to my school work! Boy, school is too easy. It makes me think I should have applied to a better school.

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