So tired…

Well, this whole week has gone bad so far. But I would rather not get into what is happening on that. Let’s just say, my family is interesting.

You know, my grandmother is a wonderful person. She has the strongest will I have ever seen in a person. I’ve never seen her cry before. No matter how bad she felt, she never shed a tear. That’s something a lot of people can’t say! Anyway, I sat down with her and talked about what was going on in our family and I saw a single tear drop from her eye. I was so heartbroken. I felt so powerless. Here is a woman who has done nothing but support her family. My wonderful grandmother has always been there for me. Anything I needed, she was always the first to step up and help. She’s a wonderful example of the perfect woman. When I saw that tear, I knew she was not doing well. She has been an emotional wreck these last few weeks. I try to joke around with her and give her a few laughs, and I think it really helps. I see her wonderful smile and it makes me so happy. She deserves anything she wants.

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