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Well, I finally updated WordPress. I was tired of getting so much spam so I updated wordpress to the newest version. So far, I am very happy with it. I’m still learning a lot of the new features. From what I can tell, they’ve added new CMS options and a new admin system. I need to learn all these new menus. Heh, I upgraded through almost 10 versions. Whoops, I guess I was just a little far behind!

I love the new post writing module. In version 2.0 (the version┬áI was running), they had a very bulky setup. The menus were huge and there was a lot of wasted real estate all over the page. Now, you have a more streamlined system with less wasted space and an easier system to work with. There were all these little bugs that were annoying me. Like one, whenever I was writing a post, if I hit enter 2 times, the editor would add a few extra lines with whitespaces. It’s not that big of a deal, it just annoyed the hell out of me!

I installed a new theme to the blog too until I can make one that works with my current version. Who knows, I might just keep this. It’s blue with hints of green, looks a lot like Vista, and is very smooth. If I do end up keeping it, I will probably down the font size and change it to justified text rather than align left text. I don’t know why, but I really like justified text. I guess it makes the information seem easier to read, for me anyway.

Well, I almost have my music module done! All I have to do is find out how to seek through music. I’m not sure how to do it through flash. I also can’t seem to find any information on how to do this online either. I might just release the unfinished version soon so I can just move on to other things for a while. My directory script is almost done as well. I don’t know if I want to use this though. I guess I could, but there’s not much I would put in there to download. Meh… I’ll think of something I guess. I have not even started on a gallery system yet. I think I will just install a premade one so I don’t have to do any work! I need more pictures before I can put it up. I don’t know why, but I just don’t take too many pictures. I would like to get some pictures of Liz and I sometime. With our school situation, it’s not like we can see each other very much. When we are together, we are usually┬ánot thinking of taking pictures.

Until next time!

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