It’s been a while!

Wow it’s been a while since I posted a blog! You’d think I would want to use the web space I have a little more. Whenever I have a want to blog, I am usually driving, or with a certain beautiful someone. I’ll be driving and have these weird, off the wall thoughts. By the time I get home, or to a computer, the thought is gone. I should really write my thoughts down for a week. Maybe I shouldn’t actually. I think I might scare some people! It’s not that I think of evil things all the time, it’s more over that you would be scared that I think about that kind of thing. I was walking to the Library the other night and I thought to myself, “Whose cruel idea was it to have an ‘s’ in lisp?” Then I start thinking about the universe. How big is infinity? Think about it. Can you imagine infinity?

Anyway, let’s get on with the blog. I just found a really nice 4 CD music set that I am very interested in. It’s called “Classic In Modern. 1000% The Best of the Best Music Collection.” The CD has various artists playing classical pieces with a modern feel to it. One of my favorite tunes on the CD is ” La Dance Du Sable” (Sabre Dance). This particular arrangement is nice because it has the bass line of an 80′s rock song with a guitar melody and a trumpet as a counter melody. Then out of left field comes these majestic sound bells. Ass odd as it sounds, the song is very tasteful. Maybe if I can my music player up and running, I can put it up on my website. When I stopped working on it, I was pretty much done. All I need to do was actually tweak the data structure for the XML. I wanted to support playlists a little better, but I didn’t setup playlists in my original design. I had to recode half the file. I also need to look into the legalities of this. I’m not sure if it’s legal to put music on my website. I don’t make money off this site, I have the files secure so people can’t download them, but I’m not sure if the fair use policy will cover me in this case.

I’ve been tinkering around with Vista over the last few weeks. I have to say, I love Vista more and more every day. I likes Vista when it first came out of the box. There were a few bugs, but nothing that I really cared about. All my software worked, and my hardware was all up to par. I know a lot of people don’t like Vista, but it is really nice to use if you have a system that can support it. Windows 7 looks to be promising too. It’s going to have the look of Vista without all the DRM that slows Vista down. DRM only hurts those who use the programs legally. The people who pirate software do pirate software. You’ll never stop that. Why make everyone else pay? It’s like with Apple and the iPod. I don’t want to use iTunes to manage my iPod. I hate iTunes. I am more of a Windows Media Player Guy. Mostly because I have an external drive that I have all my music on.

I only put a few albums on my laptop because I don’t have a huge drive on here. I only put a 100GB drive in here when I built this because I wanted the 7.2k RPM drive. I could have slapped in a 200 GB drive, but would have been cut to a 5.4k RPM drive. For the most part, 100 GB is plenty. I just have to watch what I put on here. Right now, I am up to 70 GB used, so I need to do some major cleanup. I usually try to keep at least 50% of my drive free.

Anyway, I use WMP because I can browse my music by folders, so I can browse what’s currently on my computer, or I can browse what’s on my external when I have it plugged in. In iTunes, you would just see a master list of all the songs I have associated with iTunes. With an iPod, I have to use iTunes to upload music. You can’t just transfer the files onto the iPod like you can with a Zune. When you plug a Zune into your computer, you can open the Zune like a flash drive and copy music to the device. Simple and fast. Apple just has to make everything difficult. What a bunch of jerks! Don’t get me wrong, I like Apple. They have decent hardware and a decent OS, but you over pay buying with them.

Well, I am going to call it a night. Thanks for listening!

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