How to be an expert Left 4 Dead player.

Dealing with Friendly Fire

Some friendly tips to avoid friendly fire:
1. Don’t walk in front of people. Especially if they have a hunting rifle or a shotgun.
2. Walk. Who’s in a hurry guys.
3. If you are in front of people, crouch so they can fire over you.
4. Avoid using shotguns when you are behind people (unless you know what you’re doing).
5. Don’t stand on top of people. When you stand on top of someone, either you or the person you are standing on will involuntarily move. This could cause a team fire.

It’s not about kill count guys. It’s about getting to the end with everyone alive.

It’s not hard to be a good team player, you just need to pay attention.

Dealing with witches

Witches are not that hard to beat on any difficulty guys. You just need to know how to deal with them.

Option one:
Have everyone stand very far back from the witch. One person should attack the witch. Once the witch gets up, everyone unload on her. She only has 1000 HP. A few good hits will kill her without any effort.

Option two:
Have one person with the shotgun (auto shotgun preferably) sneak behind the witch. Move up as close as you can and and then shoot her in the face when she turns her face at you. This is how you get the one shot kill on the witch.

Option three:
Sneak by the witch. Most of the time, the witch will be out of your way. Just move around her with your flashlight off. Stay as far away from her as you can. If she looks up, just back up and wait for her to calm down. You might have to go by her one at a time.

If you want practice killing witches, you should run single player on no mercy. On the first part of the movie, just spawn a witch on the roof where you start. You can practice all you want up there without having to worry about hunter, smokers, etc. to spawn a witch, open the console and type “z_spawn witch.” You might need “sv_cheats 1″ set. I’m not 100% sure.

As a little side not, you CAN burn witches (ok, how many of you thought about, “Monty Python’s: The Holy Grail?”), but I wouldn’t unless you are using option one for killing the witch. She dies fast enough that you shouldn’t have to waste a molotov on her.

How to deal with the tank

Tank are a big deal on expert. They have tons of hit points and nasty left jab. One hit from him will send you straight down (after being thrown across the room). There’s two ways I prefer to kill the tank. There’s just two little notes about the tank. His speed is increased as the difficulty goes up. I’m pretty sure anyways. I normally do expert. I ran an easy campaign earlier with some friends and noticed the tank moved to almost a crawl (compared to how fast he was before)!

Option one: (Hard)
People always say to run away from the tank. That’s not always the best idea. When you run away firing, he’ll throw boulders at you. He pretty much hits every time. He has the hacks on. Avoid jumping when he is about to throw. If you jump, you can’t move out of the way of the boulder if he does end up throwing one at you. The best way to avoid a boulder is to jump AFTER he throws the boulder. Once you’ve mastered the art of evading, you can shoot him while evading to kill him over the course of about a minute. Shotguns are great to use on him if you can get close. The 5x damage multiplier is real nice when in close range. This would be the weapon of choice, next to the rifle. The hunting rifle does not do too much damage to him, but it’s decent at damage if you can get a clip or two into him.

When using option one, make sure to use cover to your advantage. Walls, poles. etc. Cover if your friend. Make him climb to get to you. That will give you a few seconds to unload on him. When he does finally climb up, just run, reload, find a new spot to attack him and repeat the process.

Option two: (Medium)
If you can manage to light the tank on fire, just run away from him. On expert, he will live for 45 seconds after being lit. Don’t worry about hitting him. It won’t make him die faster. When he is lit up, it starts a timer. It’s shorter for the easier difficulties. I’m not 100% sure what the timers are though. All you have to do, is run and not get hit using this method. It’s the easiest way to kill him, but it can suck if you get a spawn, or get caught by a smoker/ hunter.

Dealing with swarms

The mobs can do a lot of damage very fast if you don’t know how to handle the attacks. First off, don’t try to advance when a swarm is attacking. Just sit in a corner and melee. That’s the trick to swarms. Sit in a corner, or a protected doorway and melee. You won’t take any damage and you’ll fight off the swarm all the time. This seems to be the big thing for most people. They see a swarm and think they need to kill everything as it’s coming in. Don’t be in a hurry. Open areas are what kill you. When you hear a swarm coming, get next to a wall. When you are in the open, you have a full 360 degrees you need to cover. Missing on zombie means 20 damage. If you put your back to a wall, corner, or hide in a doorway, you reduce the amount of area you have to clear by over half. That makes it a lot easier to stay alive. When you guys are clumped up, it’s even easier to fight off the swarms.


Hunters are not the tough to deal with. I think you guys pretty much know what to do here. Just make sure you get hunters off your party members fast. Just melee them once. This will cause him to stagger away, giving you enough time to put a few bullets into him.


If you can kill the boomer before he gets to you, that’s wonderful. If not, you’ll have to make sure and melee him away from your party members before killing him. If you kill him too close and he explodes on you, or if he spits on you, don’t panic. Just get in a corner on use your swarm tactics. The other players need to get in front of him and melee and shoot the zombies that are coming in.


Smokers can either be very easy, or very hard. It all depends on the situation. There’s not much I can say here other than help your party members. If you see a smoker grab him, melee the caught party member. This will free him. When you are caught, you can escape if you melee fast enough. You will hit the tongue off you. This is kind of hard to time when you first try it. Once you get it down, you can avoid most smoker holds. Don’t always go for the smoker. You might team fire. Get your teammate off the smoker, then worry about him. Just use some judgment is all I can say.

I hope some of this helps you guys enjoy L4D more. This is a great game!

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