nLite Review.

 For those of you who hate all the extra junk that Windows installs when you install a fresh copy of Windows, nLite is the program for you. I used it to uninstall about 200 programs/services/protocols that I will not need, and don’t really want because of the security holes. It turned out to be about 250 MB off the install so it went much faster. My boot time is much faster too. It went from about 15 seconds to about 10 seconds. That’s not too much for performance increase, but I like to save time where ever I can.

The nLite install can be found at Once downloaded and install, open up nLite. Your first screen should have all the information about the current build of nLite. Click next. It should bring you to a screen to create an image of your Windows OS. To do this, slap in your Windows install disc to your CD drive and select it through nLite. nLite will then copy the install to your harddrive. Click next and it should bring you to a list of options. Service Packs, Hotfixes and Updates, Drivers, Components, Unattached, Options, tweaks, and bootable ISO. If you can’t see these options, then close nLite and reopen it. Then select your Windows install folder nLite made just a moment ago. Now click next till you get to that screen. Now you can select what you want to modify, whether it would be to turn off all unwanted services or to uninstall the stupid Windows Messenger. After tinkering with everything, just click the bootable iso and it will write a bootable ISO for you so you can install windows. Just download magic ISO to burn the ISO. You can find it at Now reboot and boot into the windows install and you should be all set. Now for you truly lazy people, you can go under the unattached menu to enter your CD key and other info to make the process go without you even needing to be there. How about that?

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