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Out of the box? Again? ARG!

For as long as I can remember, I’ve loved math. Yesterday, while in my calculus lab, I started thinking about my days back in elementary school. I remembered how much I was held back by my teachers. I always wanted to move one step farther than where the teacher was teaching.

I’m starting to feel like that again. We were going over a relatively simple concept. We were talking about calculating the volumes of non-continuous objects. While talking about the current way we were analyzing the area, I began thinking of other ways we could analyze the area. I started jotting down notes, and before long, I had another way I could analyze the area. I felt pretty proud of myself, until the professor said, “Ok, now we’re going to look at this from another angle.” Then he explained how to solve the equations the way I just came up with.

This was kind of what was happening with me in elementary school. I did the work how they wanted, but then I found different ways of solving the same equations. When doing it my way, I was able to solve the problems faster, and I was able to get the right answer. However, teachers frown on you doing things in your own way. At least mine were. I was always marked off because I didn’t do it their way. I would get my points back when I argued my point. One teacher that would never budge was my analytical geometer teacher in high school. She would never give me any points back, even when I got the right answer and did it her way. I didn’t understand her at all.

I was used to doing things the way I was taught and not ever trying to go beyond the equations that I lost my drive to ever think outside the box. Everything I’ve been taught so far has told me that you are only to read equations and plug in numbers. I think that is a problem with my old school system. I was never pushed. I was only taught to do the bare minimum.

I think sleep is also helping. I’ve had more sleep this week than I’ve had in probably two weeks combined. Right now, I feel like I can solve any equation, read any book in record time, or write any paper I feel like. Is this a sign that I need a job that gives me a better sleep schedule? I’ve told my managers that I need new hours, so I can sleep to no avail. I’ve just been, “talked to.” This leads me to believe that they do not want to move me, just keep me complacent that I will be moved at some point in the future. I can tell you, I’m not looking forward to going back. I like my job enough; I just can’t handle not having any sleep and trying to get my homework and labs done on time. Not to mention all the writing assignments that I have to do. It’s a lot of work and I have very little time.

As humans, we can’t survive not being able to have our down time. People spend it in different ways. I like to play games, watch movies, go to the gym, and hang out with friends. Being either at work, school or sleeping, I have very little time to do any of this. I’m thinking about trying to get a job on campus next year, so I can work around my school schedule a little easier. This week has been the best school week since school started. I’ve had some down time so I can concentrate on school work and have some time that I can dedicate to playing a game or two. I also went to Richmond with some friends last weekend. That was a lot of fun, and I miss being able to go out and do things.

Decisions, decisions.


Life’s Work?

What do you want you life’s work to mean?



Modern technology has to be the eighth wonder of the world. I hate using this analogy because you can’t very well top the first seven wonders. Look at the great light house. A beacon of it’s time (literally). The Egyptians made something so spectacular, far ahead of it’s time. But instead of making things larger, our society is about optimization. Let’s make things smaller, without compromising usefulness and integrity.

Let’s look at smartphones for a minute. When I was a child, every house had a phone. Most were attached to a wall, meaning you couldn’t move more than five feet from the location of the phone if you wanted to talk. My house was blessed with the portable phone. These phones were remarkable. You were able to move anywhere in the house and still be able to talk on the phone. Even with portability, you were still limited to the uses of the phone. Today, phones are not just phone. This is in large part due to AT&T, Motorola, Nokia, RIM (Blackberry), and Apple. For the longest time, we accepted the fact that we could only talk on the phone. Through innovation, we have created new ways of using phones.

In 1973, the first commercial cell phone call was sent out by Dr. Martin Cooper of Motorola. I say the first commercial cell phone call because we have been using radio phones since the 1950′s. AT&T and Motorola were the first to utilize cell phone towers in the commercial sector. Since then, the cell phone industry has booming. Everyone and their mother has a cell phone. My 80 year old grandmother has a cell phone.

With people dumping money into the cell phone pot, great innovations have come about the cell phone industry. Any young man or young woman can tell you about texting. Texting refers to a short written message sent over a fixed network. In this case, the network is comprised of the cell phone network. Texting has revolutionized the way we communicate almost as much as the way e-mail has changed the way we send mail. You no longer have to call someone to ask if they want to hang out tonight, or if they are planning on going to a party during the weekend. Texting has given us a way to communicate, at our convenience similarly to e-mail. In part from e-mail, texting is faster but imposes limits on the length of the message.

Microsoft first coined the phrase tablet in reference to a pen-driven x86-based laptop. Later forms of the tablet were given the use of full touch screen instead of forcing users to use a digitizer pen. These new touch screens were large and rather bulky, until Apple revolutionized touch screen devices. With their invention of the iPhone, you saw a huge increase in the production of touch screen devices. The quality of screens has also increased. Instead of bulky, overweight screens, you have smaller, lightweight screens. Dell has created a new design for the tablet screen in their new Inspiron Duo. This tablet has a hinge that converts the screen from laptop, to tablet mode as opposed to a swivel bracket.

These innovations are what makes the world a better place. Sometimes there’s a small innovation that makes a device work better, but then there is that big innovation that changes the way we interact with the world. I guess modern technology is not the eighth wonder of the world; Innovation is the only wonder of the world.


Upgrades and the 3.2 GPA lameness!

I now have in my possession, a video screen created by Samsung, 46 inches in diagonal measure that can produce 248,832,000 pixels every second. It is wonderful and beautiful in every way shape and form! I have yet to connect my computer up to it, but my xbox looks amazing in 46 inches of pure beauty. I want to get my rocking computer connected and see how Dx11 looks in 46 inches of beauty. Best investment ever!

Next on the buy list:
1) Books for next quarter. $400
2) Wireless sound system for my TV. $300
3) A new bed. $1000

I have just about everything I need in the new apartment now, minus the new bed. I’m thinking of buying one in the January time frame. I want to keep the bed to $1000, with the frame. I’ll probably go a little more for a headboard, and nightstand set. I’ll also need some new sheets. All in all, I’m looking around $1500 for the whole thing. That’s my goal anyway. I’m going for a queen size, as it seems like the best bang for the buck. Queens cost around $100 more than fulls, and $400 less than kings. I think I’ll “settle” for a queen! Comfort will finally be mine!

Next quarter is going to be fun! I’m going to take the last of these boring classes. In the spring, I think I’ll be able to take my first neuroscience class. I can’t wait! I had a blast in PSY 105 learning about the brain. Learning is really not the right term. It was more review. I read a few books covering the material over the summer.

I am still mad about the 3.2 GPA. All because of you calculus! So, I was told we wouldn’t need calculators on our final so I didn’t end up buying a new 84 plus since Ed still had mine. Even on the practice exams, there were no need for calculators. So I didn’t worry about it! Boy was I in for a surprise. Turns out, we needed to approximately calculate the value of: -e^4t * ( (3 * sin(3t) – 3 * cos(3t) ) / t ) when t = 1 and t = 3. This problem took nearly 30 minutes, but I don’t think I was close enough on my answer. That would have to explain the lower grade on the exam. The only other question I think I might have messed up on, was the question involving the second linear approximation of a function. We never did this in class, but I think I went through it ok. I think you just have to follow Newton’s Method for solving linear functions (which I did read about). Oh well. I have the department chair for a professor next quarter. I’m not sure if that is going to be good or bad. We’ll have to wait and see. Anti-derivatives and integrals, here I come!

I am kind of flustered at the Engineering course next quarter. As if signing up for 4 parts to one class is stupid enough already, they changed the scheduled time for my lab to loop over my recitation, so I had for drop my recitation to a later time in the day. I hope Chris and I can still carpool together. I will likely miss the conversation. It’s fun to argue with him (even though he always loses)!

So, I was given a strange look as I left Wal-Mart the other day when I jumped in the air and screamed, “Snow is hear. Wha-hooo!” What’s the world coming to when you can’t jump for joy at the sight of something as divine as snow.

Anywho, I’m going to bed. I promise I will post about technology and it’s wonders in the next post. I didn’t proofread this post; as I don’t most, but I think I have a few grammatical errors in here. C’est la vie. La vie va continuer. I miss French class. I might take a class if I can cram it in. I’m already going to graduate with 230 some credit hours. I wouldn’t mind going over 20 hours one quarter for a French class!

Before bed, I am going to answer my question at the end of the. “If love is blind, why is there lingerie?”
Answer: Love might be blind, but lust has perfect vision!

Now I’ll leave you with another fun question. Where does the toetag go on a dead person if they don’t have toes?


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