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I beat Mario!

Well guys, I’ve finally beat “Mario Bros DS”. When I say beat, I mean beaten every level and found every secret. It took a lot of time and concentration. In Mario DS, there are these three coins in every level and you need to collect them to unlock secret paths and item houses. The best things to unlock are the backgrounds. All it does is change the background so you don’t have to use the lame white background on your alternate screen. It’s not a big deal, but I can say I have them! This version of Mario has eight levels like the rest, but to get to levels four and seven, you have to beat the previous castle as mini Mario. That’s another thing that’s different, the mushrooms. There are three types of mushrooms now. The first of these types is the regular shroom which just makes you big. The second type of shrooms makes you gigantic! I think the game calls them the Mega Mushrooms. With this, you can bust though just about everything. They down side to using the megashroom is that you after about fiftteen seconds, you become normal Mario again, losing whatever enhancement you had. The last type of mushroom is the mini mushroom. This is by far the best! Once ingested, you become a tiny Mario capable of moving in small places, activating small warp pipes and jumping to the highest to reach places. You will use the whole arsenal when trying to find all the coins.

I’ll post some more later today in another post. I need to get this IRC bot for Calibrator Haven working.


Review on the Nintendo DS

First off, let me give a hand to the folks at Nintendo for once again making the best handheld system out there! This system is very durable. My brother’s little girl has one. She is 5 and very VERY rough with her toys. She would drop it and slam it down on things (she really needs to know how to control her… strength) and this little DS is still kicking. Well, a friend at work told me about a game that came out for it called brain age. He explained how it calculates how fast your brain is thinking and gives you a rough estimate on the age of your brain. It basically says, “Your brain is 38 years old. The idea age is 20. Keep practicing.” It’s really neat. There is a microphone in the system that you can speak into and some of the test make you say a word into the mic. The first game you will play in the daily training menu is the color. You will see a screen that has blue wrote out in red lettering or black wrote out in yellow lettering. What you have to do is say the color you see, not the color wrote out. Sounds easy huh? Well it is, but the stupid mic doesn’t want to pic up blue right for some reason. So you will say blue blue blue blue and it keeps saying you made a mistake. cause of this, my first brain age was in the 80s… Wow, I am old. Anyway, I figured out that as I kept saying blue I would bring it closer so it could hear me better. That wasn’t the case. It kept clipping the highs and lowes. If you know anything about voice printing, you would know that the software will try to match your wave pattern to a sample pattern. So if there was a sequence of high-low-high-low, the software might interpret that as yellow. Well, if you put your mouth closer to the mic, you might cut off the first low and some of the highs and it might interpret that as black. So after my analysis of the situation, I deleted my account and started a new one. This time, my brain age was 38. Well I’ll work on it wink.gif You are only suposed to play 3 lessons a day, which is about 4 minutes. If you play more, all you are doing is getting better at the game, not really improving your brain activity. Another great part of the game is the sudoku puzzles. (Why is everyone playing these now?) Anyway, play one or two of these puzzles a day and see how much faster you get. I played one the first day and I finished it in 25 minutes. (That is my first every mind you) Then I played one the next day and beat it in 8 minutes. Huge improvement. I have already found about ten patterns to help solve any sudoku puzzle. It’s really a lot of fun! I give this game an A+.

The second game I bought was the The New Mario Bros. Wow. This game is killer. You know, all Nintendo has to do is make a Mario game and say go smash these things and it would sell like hotcakes. I am very pleased with this game though. They added so many new features to it. For instance, the huge mushroom. Some of you might know this from the hit series Super Smash Bros. You eat it and then you become huge and smash everything in your path. Then there is the Small Mushroom. With this one, you become small and can jump way high in the air and fit in small secret holes. If the adventuring isn’t enough, then you will get a kick out of the mini games. There is just a plethora of games for anyone. For instance, there is a game in which you have to find a Mario character mixed in with a bunch other characters. It might sound easy but it gets very hard. I give this game an A+ as well!

The next game I played was bomberman. This was a fun one. Classic bomberman with added features like new weapons. Sorry for those people looking for the 64 version of bomberman, but here is no adventure in the 3d world. You basically go through the game playing old classical levels. I give this game a B in single player. The multiplayer is awesome. Up to 8 players with download and play. You have all your classic weapons and more. There are also new game types. One game type makes you say bomb to the DS to activate the bomb. 8 people saying bomb in one room. That could get interesting! I give the multiplayer a solid A.

So after playing the new DS, I have come to the conclusion that it is by far the best handheld system out there,