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Theme 2.0

I updated WordPress to the latest and greatest version in preparationfor a few more modifications I wanted to add. Before I made all these modifications, I wanted to make sure that I was using the most up to date version of WordPress before I started any more modifications. During one update, I lost some of my custom code. It was not a big deal as I just found plugins to  replace them. There’s just something about coding your own plugins though. Once you’re done, you have a sense of satisfaction that everything that you’ve done to your website is your own work. Granted, you didn’t code the engine, but that’s something that takes too much time. Besides, WordPress is pretty basic out of the box. It takes time to mold WordPress with plugins, scripts, etc.

As you can notice, I wrote a new theme for my website since the old theme did not make the transition. There are errors with how WordPress renders the theme. That’s very odd because I only updated from WordPress 2.3 to 2.7. The WordPress team could not have changed that much. Anyway, I ended up writing my own theme for this version. There are still a few things I’m working out. There’s an issue with viewing the site in IE7. The sidebar has a missing break at the top. It views fine in Firefox and Google Chrome. Them there’s my color choices for the blog. I don’t like some of the colors. I don’t think they go well together. Does anyone have any suggestions for a color scheme?

The first plugin I’m working on is going to be a gallery system. I’m not a huge fan of using SQL for libraries of photos, but I might be forced to use SQL. I could just separate all the albums into folders and then have a UI system that will list all the available albums (which would just be folder names probably). When a person selects an album to view, the plugin would display a grid of all the images. This is ok, but then I won’t have captions for each picture. When I made my music flash program, I used an external XML sheet to store all the songs. I stored information like what album the song came from, the title, the album art, etc. This was great for the music plugin, but is not very practical for an album system. Most people don’t know this, but you can store more than just an photo inside an image file, like JPEG. If you right click on an image file and click properties, you will see  tab named details. When you click on the details tab, you will see various information like the image dimensions, author, date, tags, comments, etc. I can use this information to create large stores of albums with minimal work in SQL. This just makes for a fast, easy to use interface that I won’t have to spend much time on after it’s made.

The Directory Listing script has been revamped to version 3.1. In this version, I’ve updated the look and feel of the old 2.4 version of the Directory Script. You will notice faster loads, a better management system for viewing files and even a preview for image held inside the directory. I changed how the sub directory viewing works. It should now be able to backtrack through directories correctly. Release notes will be in the final release. I’ll be adding it to the website here in about a month. I want to work on a few other things before I finish the Directory Script.

I am also revamping the music player. I would like to add a features to save play settings into the site cookies so the site will remember what songs to play, what volume you want the songs to play at, etc. I’ll also be changing the look and feel because I originally built the plugin to work with my old WordPress theme.

That’s all from me for now. Take it easy.


New theme

Well, I finally updated WordPress. I was tired of getting so much spam so I updated wordpress to the newest version. So far, I am very happy with it. I’m still learning a lot of the new features. From what I can tell, they’ve added new CMS options and a new admin system. I need to learn all these new menus. Heh, I upgraded through almost 10 versions. Whoops, I guess I was just a little far behind!

I love the new post writing module. In version 2.0 (the version I was running), they had a very bulky setup. The menus were huge and there was a lot of wasted real estate all over the page. Now, you have a more streamlined system with less wasted space and an easier system to work with. There were all these little bugs that were annoying me. Like one, whenever I was writing a post, if I hit enter 2 times, the editor would add a few extra lines with whitespaces. It’s not that big of a deal, it just annoyed the hell out of me!

I installed a new theme to the blog too until I can make one that works with my current version. Who knows, I might just keep this. It’s blue with hints of green, looks a lot like Vista, and is very smooth. If I do end up keeping it, I will probably down the font size and change it to justified text rather than align left text. I don’t know why, but I really like justified text. I guess it makes the information seem easier to read, for me anyway.

Well, I almost have my music module done! All I have to do is find out how to seek through music. I’m not sure how to do it through flash. I also can’t seem to find any information on how to do this online either. I might just release the unfinished version soon so I can just move on to other things for a while. My directory script is almost done as well. I don’t know if I want to use this though. I guess I could, but there’s not much I would put in there to download. Meh… I’ll think of something I guess. I have not even started on a gallery system yet. I think I will just install a premade one so I don’t have to do any work! I need more pictures before I can put it up. I don’t know why, but I just don’t take too many pictures. I would like to get some pictures of Liz and I sometime. With our school situation, it’s not like we can see each other very much. When we are together, we are usually not thinking of taking pictures.

Until next time!


Website Upgrades

I will be upgrading my website sometime in the week. It all depends on how much time I have. I have a rough draft for it in my head. I just need to get my ideas down on paper or get something put together in publisher or illustrator. I have the concept for the flash indexing software and I have a idea about getting dynamic music on my website. After all that, I will be making my homepage (finally)! It’s going to get the last entry from my blog, maybe some random music from my archives, or a random file from my flash archives. I have so much I can do, I just need to get started on something soon. I don’t want this site to start slaking.

The greatest thing about having your own webserver is how much freedom you have. I have my own e-mail account, 220+ GB storage of webspace with a monthly limit of 2.4 +TB! I can also put anything I want on here. That’s a fantastic feeling because now I have a place for me, just me!

Ohh, I thought of another thing I want to add to the site. Image directories for my renderings. You can’t seem to find many good renderings from games and anime anywhere on the net. There are nice collections, but it seems you have to search real hard for the really good ones. I will just make a catalog of my favorite animes and game renders. I will definatly be throwing out some good old Hellsing! That anime is awesome. There’s this one Vampire that is under the control of a church and he goes around killing the evil vampires. His name is bit of an enigma, but everyone calls him Arucard. I will also be taking some renders from Ah! My Goddess. I loved season 2. There were many great adventures!

So there you have it. I will be updating my site so it doesn’t look so boring and I’ll give you guys cool pictures!


The new website is up


Ok, after stepping away from my blog for so long, I have decided to come back to the blogging scene.

I remapped the folder with sub domains for organizational purposes. Now I have three sub domains; blog, downloads, flash. At the moment, the only one working my blog sub domain You know, I’ve been talking about sub domains and you probably have no idea what one is. Well a domain consists of three parts, the domain, sub domain, and hosthostname. The domain can be identified easy because it is the right most label. This part tells the DNS what domain server to use. Most of you will see this as .com or .net or something along those lines. Then there’s the sub domain The sub domain is the left most portion of the web address. This is just a domain that is part of a larger domain. Most of you see this one as www. So are you with me so far? The last part of the web address is the hostname. This is the name name of the server basically. Let’s look at google’s website (““). Their domain is “com”, their sub domain is “www”, and their hostname is google. Easy right. Well let’s look at my web page just to reinforce what you have just learned (“”). My domain is “com”, my sub domain is “blog”, and my hostname is “rob-meier”.

 I like using sub domains because it makes organizing your website so much easier. Instead of having one huge cluster of folders, I have three folders with all my information. I plan on adding a few more soon. I would like to have my pictures and media to have their own sub domain Just added organization. With the way it looks now, my website is going to be all sub domains I also like how I can add someone to my FTP server and give them access to a sub domain while not giving them access to my hostname. Basically, if I give someone access to my pictures sub domain, they can add files to my pictures sub domain without me worrying about them deleting files from my blog sub domain

I will also be moving my old database to my sub domain tomorrow. Right now, no one will have their login information. I will also be adding new features.

Till next time my fellow bloggers!