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New laptop build!

Well guys, I was so mad that I was the only one without a laptop that I went out and bought a latop. I decided to build my own. After looking around, I just saw a bunch of overpriced laptops. So I found a good deal on a barebone notebook and then I bought the peripherals!

I bought an ASUS S96J, an 8x DL DVD burner (That’s all I could find :(), an Intel Core 2 Duo T7200, 2 GB Corsair 667MHz RAM, a 100 GB 7200 RPM Seagate HDD, and an ATI x1600. The parts should in here by Wednesday or Thursday. I can’t wait! I’m so excited! YAY! This will be my first complete laptop build. I’ve swappped out drives, CPUs, and helped replace screens from a friend who owned a computer store so I think I will be ok. This chassis has nice access to the CPU, RAM, and PCI slot so I shouldn’t have to take the whole thing apart. I love you ASUS!


Java’s not so bad.

Well, I’ve been looking deeper and deeper into Java. It’s not as bad as I once thought. I think of Java as¬†Visual Baisc that runs off any machine. Because Java needs the Java Runtime Environment, as long as you have that on your system, you can run the Java bytecode. This makes Java protable. Java’s functions are pretty easy to memorize. They’re all logical references. For instance, System.out.print(). That uses the System class to output something. Pretty easy. It’s like that with most languages, but some more advanced functions like “filewriter” is the class that allows you to write information to data. It’s these simple things that allow you program things fast because you don’t have to lookup a function you forgot.

I like and dislike how Java has a couple of classes that do the same thing. One might work better, but requires more code. Seems kind of silly to do things this way. Why wouldn’t you just do it the way that will make the program work more stable?

Well that’s it for today. I have a few e-mails to send out and a Math¬†Quiz to Study for :P


Java, how I hate thee!

i’m sitting in Java class right now. Who does Java think they are? They are pissing me off. They are changing all the code around from the good old default code that people learn from C++, php, perl, ect. I think they are trying to make programming easier, but what was easier than basic? Another thing that pisses me off. Capital letters. Java makes it hard to do anything because some functions have capital letters while some are just normal lower case. Ohh great, now you have to remember twice the amount of functions. Great. Like you don’t have enough in php or C++. The only thing Java has going for it, it that you can run Java on anything with the Java Runtime environment.

Java is evil!