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School has started!

Well its official, school’s started! I’m sitting here getting ready for Physics to start. I like having an hour between classes, but the wait times can be pretty boring. I guess this is where I will do most of my blogging, and I guess some of my homework. OSU has a wireless network in pretty much every room, but they also have a standard wireless network for the building (which actually works better than the wireless networks in the individual rooms. Right now, I am on a non-secure network. I’m pretty sure Norton will catch pretty much everything, but who knows. There’s really nothing on my laptop anyway, just some music, homework. This quarter, my books cost about $550. I am never taking Chemistry again! Those books alone were $320. That’s over half the cost!

I really like my Chemistry teacher. He’s a great guy. I’m pretty sure he’s Scottish, so he has that way of speaking that will just make you laugh when he starts to mumble. He’s also a really funny guy. I can already tell that class is going to be fun! I am a little bummed because of the ease of the class. It’s basic Chemistry. How boring will that be? Well, I guess it’s for the best though. It’s been almost 4 or 5 years since I have been in a Chemistry class. This will be a good refresher course. Well, everyone is forced to take it if they want to be an engineer, so I will have to bare it…

I’m so glad to be back in Ada. I mean, Ada is boring and all, but I’m living with my brother (who can be a pain in the… posterior sometimes), but it’s a house all to ourselves. And ohh what a house it is! It’s really quiet (save for the fact that Ed blares his sound system at midnight…), but it’s also cozy. It’s good to have a bed again, that’s for sure! I fell asleep almost instantly. It’s also nice to be able to lay in bed and still check my e-mails and talk to people right before bed.

I mentioned that I had reformatted my computer in an earlier part of this blog. XP is a great operating system, but I wanted to give Vista a shot on my laptop. I spent the last few days getting everything set up so I could just pick up and go. I’m almost there. There is a problem with my media button drivers, but I think I am just installing the wrong version. I hate drivers, and most of all, I hate computers. So why go into computer engineering? Well, that’s a story for another day! Anyway, I’ve got pretty much everything set up the way I want, but I am still tinkering with a new IM system. I loved Trillian for the longest time. For some reason, the names would never update. No matter if I set them in the options to or not. People finally bugged me about it enough (mostly Meka) that I sought out to look for an alternative. Shawn introduced me to a program called “Pidgin” (I think that’s how you spell it). It’s an ok program, but I didn’t like how the icons were gigantic and it didn’t specify whether the contact was from ICQ, AIM, etc. I was introduced to a new program called “Miranda.” This program is wonderful. The icon corresponding to the IM system they are using will appear to the left of their name, and it updates name! That’s a huge plus. I like to see what people put as their names sometimes. Some of them are really thoughtful. Miranda seems really complex at first, but after I got used to it, I think I prefer this over Trillian now. I’ll see how well it performs over the next week before I make my final decision.

Well, class is getting ready to start, so I am going to get going. More on this blog later!


Mellowing down.

Well, it seems that Road Runner finally got out to fix our little internet issue. We now have a reliable service. Now I don’t have to fear only receiving half my e-mail. One of my important e-mails has unreadable because of a bad transfer. I’m glad that’s over.

Well, I will be moving the laptop into the Vista age. I figured I might want to learn more and more about Vista, seeing as how everyone is making the jump. I never hated Vista, in fact, I love it. I stopped using Vista because myset had very very bad Vista drivers. Tritton has finally put out some good Vista drivers (so says the newegg crowd). I figure I’d try it out for a while anyway. What do I have to lose?

I just spent the last hour downloading all the drivers for all my devices. If there’s one thing I hate about laptops, it’s the amount of drivers. Sometimes there will be four or five drivers for the certain device. It’s quite a pain. I guess ASUS made two versions of the Z96JS notebooks, so now I have to figure out which drivers my motherboard needs. Meh, I can deal with it. It’s no big deal. I’ll just slap all my drivers in a folder on my external hard drive and call it a day :P

I’ve been really bored with the music I’ve been listening to lately. I still love the Chili Peppers, but I just can’t seem to listen to them nonstop anymore. I’ve actually been listening to more and more European music. I love the synthesized sounds of techno/rave. Well, more on this later. I’m jsut in too much of a bad mood to talk about music right now.


Why God… Why did you put Ada on the map…

You know what really just pisses me off to no end? Tech support. I was just on the phone for about thirty to forty minutes with about five different people trying to get our internet situation fixed up here in Ada. We were supposed to have a technician come out to take a look at our system on Thursday 6 September, but no one ever showed up. When I called tech support, every person I talked to asked me to explain my problem, asked for my account information, then promptly forward the call to someone else. The last two people I talked to were very nice and professional. The first of the two knew a lot about computer networks, so we had a nice little chat about what was happening with our connection. He then forwarded me to another person that was going to see what happened with the technician. Well, it seems that they came out at 4:23. We left at 4:15 to go a dinner arrangement that was only down the street. Well, they said they would be in anytime between 8:00 AM to 7:00 PM, but they said they would call. They even called the day before to confirm all this. It really pissed me off that they didn’t call. We were just a short 5 minute walk away. Time Warner in Ada… Sucks…


Now if I can only get on the internet long enough to get this posted on my blog…


New apple i-PieceOfCrap…

Apple has done it again. They have made another i-product that will probably contain many bugs that will piss me off. It happened with the i-pod nano, i-pod video, and it will probably happen again.

There is something about me when it comes to updates. If something is working, like my drivers, I will not update them until something is not working the way it should. Heck, my video drivers for my desktop are from 2005. I’ve downloaded and installed the new versions on my secondary partitions, but I just don’t like them. Yes they have some newer technologies in their drivers, but they seem to make games run worse. I don’t have the best system in the world, but I want it to work at it’s full potential. The nVidia drivers are the worst here. Ever update I take, brings my system back just that much more. ATI seems to be good about their updates though. I have updated my laptop’s video drivers 2 times already and I only see improvements.

I also hate how the i-pod software forces you to use i-tunes. If I wanted to use a crappy program, I would say so… At least give me the option to use something else, like Windows Media Player. I hate i-tunes. It’s so boring and lackluster. Sure, you can change the color, but it’s still just as boring. And what’s the deal with watching movies on it? You have to open a new window just to watch a movie? WTF!! Ohhhhhhhhh… One thing that just pisses me off to no end, the i-tunes update tool. For the love of god… If that thing kicks me out of another game, I will delete it, and I will just destroy my i-pod. It’s not worth all the hassles. I will never buy another piece of mac software. If they don’t want to make it work seamlessly with at least the two leading software companies, then I will not buy it again.

Well, anyway. There’s one more thing I hate about i-pods. The updating. I was tired of i-tunes asking me if I wanted to update my ipod every time I plugged it in, so I finally updated it. Big mistake. Since then, my i-pod music has been messed up. I spent a few hours re uploading my music. It changed a lot of the media information so it couldn’t even sync anymore. My brother hasn’t had any problems with his SanDisk mp3 player. It’s been working 100% since day one. He can use any program to sync his music, he can do video, he has 4 GB flash memory with EXPANDABLE memory. I really hope that apple puts this on any future flash memory i-pods they make. 4 GBs may go fast, but then you can use nice little 2 GB micro SD chips and have an infinite supply of music or videos. Sure you can get an i-pod video with 30-60 GB of storage, but it’s slow as hell to switch from album to album. I am all about speed.

Well, that’s it for today’s rant and rave. Check out their website for details:


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