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New Hobby?

Chris really got me into a program called Reason. It’s, for lack of better term, a music creation program. It’s designed to give the user a virtual rack mount. The user can add different synths, effects, mixers, etc on their virtual rack. Each device has their own filters, shapers, etc so you can really get some unique sounds. I’ve only had Reason installed for a day or two now, and I already love it! I’ve started taking old tunes from video games and remixing them with the device synths. I’m learning a lot about how sounds are shaped by toying with all the little knobs and thing-a-ma-bobs (yeah, there are thing-a-ma-bobs!).

Here’s a little something I made in a few hours. It’s a remix of the gaunlet theme music. I’ll think of a good way to organize this stuff, but until then, I’ll just post links.

The future songs will be much better, this is only a trial song. I want to do the theme to Star Fox as well as some famous classical pieces.

That’s all for now, I need to get back to my school work! Boy, school is too easy. It makes me think I should have applied to a better school.


Music is the best thing ever!

I think I’m in love with this thing called a piano. I’ve been listening to the Piano Final Fantasy compositions. I have to say, they are just beautiful. They make me feel at peace after a long few hours of homework, or as Professor Albdalkhani says, “Homefun!” That guy is crazy, but he’s by far the best teacher/professor I’ve ever had! He makes sure everyone understands the material, and he explains it in a way that makes you feel like you are smart!

My Physics class is so much fun! There’s a group of us that are in Chem and Physics together, so we normally just sit up in the Physics room and chit chat until class starts. We usually have some pretty good conversations. We also help each other on the homeowrk. There’s usually one problem that each of us can’t get so we explain our way of solving the problems. Class is fun too. Our professor just talks a mile a minute, so writing the notes is quite the feat! I think some people just print off the slides, but I find it helps to remember what you did in class if you write down what was said. For some reason, your mind just remebers things so much easier. He is nothing like our Chem Professor. Dr. Hamilton talks really slow, but doesn’t do very many examples, so taking notes is very easy. Dr Shoup can cover what Dr. Hamilton covers in an hour lecture into about a five minute long speach. Dr. Shoup shows a few examples over every concept and those take some time.

Chem is so much fun, but I don’t want to wake up for class. I don’t know what it is with Chem, but I just… I want to learn it, I want to learn anything. I am always for learning something, but Chem is just one of those things that you learn a concept and then they drill that concept into your brain. It’s like we cover something and I want to move on to something new, but we go over the same thing over and over. I guess I just want Chem to move faster. That would make it less boring I guess.

I was one of those people that said Vista would not be something to go ga-ga for, but I was wrong. It’s really a nice little OS. I didn’t go cheap on this laptop either. It’s really nice, and for only $1050. I have a 3 year warranty on all parts, so I should be set for a while. Most people try Vista on these systems that have little to no system specs, so it runs terrible and they call it a bad system. I say you need to get a system that can supprt the OS at at least the recommended specs before you judge. As for Mac running better, I don’t see it. I have used Macs before, but I just can’t see how they are any better. It runs fast, but get a PC with the same computer setup and it will run just as fast. It’s all about the hardware, and boy do I like hardware!

Meh, I could talk about my personal life, but I think I’ll keep that to myself for now. Besides, I need to get back to work. I have a lab report due tomorrow, a lab and a Calc test tomorrow. Tomorrow will not be a good day…


Been Busy?

It’s been a little while since my last blog. I’ve been really busy with school during the last few weeks. I had my Physics mid terms last Friday, my Chemistry mid-term today and I have my calculus mid-term Thursday. I got a perfect score on my Physics exam. It was really easy. I did all my work and noticed that my calculator was in radeons instead of degrees, so I had to recalculate all my answers… That was a huge pain. Even with that, I still finished 3rd overall, so I wasn’t too worried about it. I think our professor said that the average was 120/150 or so. The group I am in is usually close to last in terms of finishing. Everyone always rushes through it and I try to make sure we look at every aspect of the lab. I write about a mile long explanation for each short answer. I guess I am just overly critical on the lab reports. That’s what takes me so long. I usually turn in the lab report, so I make sure it’s perfect in every way. I have lab this Friday, then I don’t have one for another three weeks. That’s going to be nice.

I’ve found a new music group that has some pretty killer music. They call themselves “Flogging Molly.” They’re an Irish Punk band. Their best song is by far is called “Drunken Lullabies.” It’s a faster tune, but it has that Irish dance beat to it that I love. To me, good music is something that makes you bang your head. Music is there to move you. People here at OSU tend to blare their music in the lounge because they think they are cool because of the music they listen to. Most of it is just horrible. It’s the same idea over and over. That’s what started to piss me off about Greenday. I don’t think they have made a new idea in their last 2 CDs. It’s the same thing over and over. Maybe you’ll disagree with me, but listen to their CD’s back to back and you might hear it. I remember when I took Clint to buy their CD, “American Idiot.” We listened to it on the ride home. For every song, I could name another song they’ve done that it sounds exactly like. I want a band that will put out new ideas every CD.

School sucks. Yep, you heard it right. School sucks. It’s so boring. Its work, work, work with no challenge. I really hope it starts getting harder. Having a huge work load covering easy things just makes school become monotonous. One of my Physics problems took 20 minutes so solve, but it was so easy I could have done it with my eyes closed. It’s getting to the point where I don’t want to do my homework. I will still do all my homework, but I really don’t want to. I know the importance of it. I just wish it made me think more… It looks like I only need to take one more class in Chemistry to cover my Chemistry classes as a Computer engineer. That makes me happy. Chemistry is not hard, but it’s boring. It’s all memorizing. Boring! I’m going to take Chem 125 in the winter, then forget I ever took it!

My brother told me something yesterday that I will ever forget. He said, “Everything you learn is important. The engineer is the expert. He has to know everything.” I started thinking about the truth in the statement, so it’s brought new life to the meaning of the engineer. Thanks Ed!

So long!


Meh… It’s still boring in Ada.

Hover Dam! It’s raining. This is a major inconvenience. I left my coat in the car hoping it wouldn’t rain. I’m actually glad I left it in there. Everyday, something bad happens. It never fails. I’m just glad I got it over with over something so trivial. I can deal with a little water. That’s not a problem.

So, all my classes are moving along at a somewhat decent rate. I still wish that my Physics class would move along a little faster. We are still covering chapter two. Physics is not hard at all. We are finally moving into forces. This is where things become fun! Once we talk about forces, we move into centripetal movements and rotational displacements. This is still by all means very boring, but it’s better than your basics in Physics.

I can’t wait until next quarter. I’ll be taking a class in computer logics through problem solving. It’ll cover things like solving a problem through the use of a computer program. Say you had a wall that is infinitely long going in both directions throughout all infinity. Somewhere on that wall is a door. Your goal is to write a program that will find that door the fastest way possible. Man, I love problems like this. It really makes you think in a way that you normally don’t. I guess you could say it forces you to think outside the box.

Well, I am going to work on my Chemistry lab report before class begins. Until next time!