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More remix?

Well, I have decided to write another remix while on spring break. This should give me something to do while I am gone from school. So far, I have remixed Star Fox and gauntlet. I think I will do a remix to either Zelda or maybe some F-Zero. F-Zero has probably the best song ever written. It was the theme song to mute city on the original F-Zero game for SNES. I would really like to practice on this song because it I would really like to do Zelda very well. Zelda has some of the the best video game music as well. I would like to do Zelda on a trombone. I think that will sound very pretty with the mellow sounds of the trombone. I need to start working with the NN-XT synth though. I don’t really use it much.


The last peanut…

You know what really grinds my gears? What’s up with people leaving one or two peanuts in the freaking jar of peanuts? Is it just laziness that you don’t want to throw away the can? Do you want someone else to enjoy the last two peanuts? I’m curious…