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What a perfect night.

Well, I just finished a perfect night with the most wonderful girl in the world. I picked up Liz at around 5 PM. We went to the store to buy our fresh vegetables and came back to my place to make some fried rice. We spent the better part of an hour chopping up all the vegetables and getting everything ready for the wok. I have to say, fixing dinner with her was awesome. I can’t explain why, but I felt so at peace with her by my side.

After we were all prepped and ready to go, it only took about 20 minutes to cook the rest of the meal. We made almost 3 pounds of vegetables, so they took a little longer than usual to cook. Cooking in the bacon grease was a pretty good idea because you could taste the flavor from the grease. Might as well slap some flavor in with that grease! Anyway, when it was all said and done, we had probably close to 10 cups of food or so. Enough to feed the five of us! Liz and I ended up eating out in the den on the couch while we watched a few episodes of 30 Rock. After the second episode, we started working on her Trig homework. We got pretty far until we were proving an identity. I forgot how to do those! I ended up remembering while I was painting my grandma’s room. I’ll have to call Liz tomorrow in the morning to let her know I remembered how to do them. I’ll have to explain it to her over the phone.

Well, until next time guys.