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Theme 2.0

I updated WordPress to the latest and greatest version in preparationfor a few more modifications I wanted to add. Before I made all these modifications, I wanted to make sure that I was using the most up to date version of WordPress before I started any more modifications. During one update, I lost some of my custom code. It was not a big deal as I just found plugins to  replace them. There’s just something about coding your own plugins though. Once you’re done, you have a sense of satisfaction that everything that you’ve done to your website is your own work. Granted, you didn’t code the engine, but that’s something that takes too much time. Besides, WordPress is pretty basic out of the box. It takes time to mold WordPress with plugins, scripts, etc.

As you can notice, I wrote a new theme for my website since the old theme did not make the transition. There are errors with how WordPress renders the theme. That’s very odd because I only updated from WordPress 2.3 to 2.7. The WordPress team could not have changed that much. Anyway, I ended up writing my own theme for this version. There are still a few things I’m working out. There’s an issue with viewing the site in IE7. The sidebar has a missing break at the top. It views fine in Firefox and Google Chrome. Them there’s my color choices for the blog. I don’t like some of the colors. I don’t think they go well together. Does anyone have any suggestions for a color scheme?

The first plugin I’m working on is going to be a gallery system. I’m not a huge fan of using SQL for libraries of photos, but I might be forced to use SQL. I could just separate all the albums into folders and then have a UI system that will list all the available albums (which would just be folder names probably). When a person selects an album to view, the plugin would display a grid of all the images. This is ok, but then I won’t have captions for each picture. When I made my music flash program, I used an external XML sheet to store all the songs. I stored information like what album the song came from, the title, the album art, etc. This was great for the music plugin, but is not very practical for an album system. Most people don’t know this, but you can store more than just an photo inside an image file, like JPEG. If you right click on an image file and click properties, you will see  tab named details. When you click on the details tab, you will see various information like the image dimensions, author, date, tags, comments, etc. I can use this information to create large stores of albums with minimal work in SQL. This just makes for a fast, easy to use interface that I won’t have to spend much time on after it’s made.

The Directory Listing script has been revamped to version 3.1. In this version, I’ve updated the look and feel of the old 2.4 version of the Directory Script. You will notice faster loads, a better management system for viewing files and even a preview for image held inside the directory. I changed how the sub directory viewing works. It should now be able to backtrack through directories correctly. Release notes will be in the final release. I’ll be adding it to the website here in about a month. I want to work on a few other things before I finish the Directory Script.

I am also revamping the music player. I would like to add a features to save play settings into the site cookies so the site will remember what songs to play, what volume you want the songs to play at, etc. I’ll also be changing the look and feel because I originally built the plugin to work with my old WordPress theme.

That’s all from me for now. Take it easy.