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Windows 7

After using Windows 7 for a month or so, I love it! It’s a bit of a change from Vista. The taskbar is kind of a mix between Apple’s Dock and Windows’ Taskbar. Instead of having boxes with the program name to represent a running application, you now have a single icon to represent all open windows in that application. I like it better than both the Vista Task bar and the Apple Dock. It’s simple, clean, and works well.

I really like how they made everything a heck of a lot easier to customize. I could change anything I wanted in Vista and XP, but Windows 7 takes it a step farther by making it easier to change things like screen resolution, extra monitors, UAC, etc. Microsoft is on the right track for making an operating system that is great for everyone. Windows Vista was a great operating system on a higher end system, but it was horrible on lower end systems. Windows 7 runs faster and better than Vista and even XP ever ran on my laptop (that’s close to 3 years old now).

Good Work Microsoft. Keep up the awesome work!