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Every situation is an opportunity to learn.

I don’t know if anyone has said this before, but I was arguing with someone the other day and I told them, “Every situation is an opportunity to learn.” He just looked at me like I was stupid, then we argued about why someone would want to learn at every opportunity. I’m amazed at the lack of enthusiasm in this world; I truly am. And another thing. I was on my daily bike ride when I was passing the local gas station. Someone actually walked past the door and went to the drive through window. When the teller didn’t come to the window, she stepped on the button to signal the alarm that sounds that someone needs assistance at the drive through window. How lazy can you be. Really…

I don’t have to work tonight. I’m not really sure what I’ll end up doing today. I might complete some of those, need-to-do-but-don’t-want-to-do tasks today :P

I’m thinking about hitting up Iron Man II Saturday. Tony said it was pretty awesome. I’m not too big of a comic book fan, but I really liked the first one. I’m also really looking forward to seeing Robin Hood. He’s one of my favorite “fictional” characters. I guess you can simplify his life as saying, “The ends justify the means.” Folklore suggests he was doing the right thing by robbing from the rich, but no one knows what really happened. Heck, Robin Hood might have been a title given to people who robbed the tax collectors. Then people start making songs about it and we have a hero. That’s all speculation though.


Tortellini is delicious

You know what? Tortellini is delicious!

On a completely unrelated note, I’ve been really happy with my new bike. I love to ride around town. I’m going on an hour to an hour and a half rides every day. I have so much more energy now, and I’m feeling great! One week later, I’m down to 218, which is where I want to be sitting. One pound a week :) 36″ pants are starting to feel a little more loose every week :) It’s funny how a light ride makes such a big difference. I’m starting to eat less, and eat healthier. I don’t crave junk food at all anymore. I don’t really eat much junk food in the first place. I craved it, but I always told myself it was really bad for me. I’ve also given up on pop for the most part. I have one every once and a while at work, but that’s it. I’ve always drank almost a gallon of water a day anyway, but I’m trying to cut caffeine out of the picture. I’m going to try going out once a week to a nice place, probably on Friday. It’s not going to be any place fancy, just something different. For instance, I went to get Chinese the other day. Next week, I might go to some place Italian. Who knows!

I saw Matt on the last bike ride. Turns out, he lives just done the street from me. He took a look at my phone, the HTC Hero and liked it. It’s a really nice, small, and powerful little phone running on the Android OS. It’s supposed to be getting the 2.1 update here in the next week, so I’m crossing my fingers at this one!


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