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Innovating the tablet, again.

I know it’s been a while, but I want to come back on one of the greatest pieces of technology to come in 2011. A tablet with full Windows 7 capabilities.

For $600, you’de be stupid not to buy one of these. 32 GB SSD with expandable media. 10.1 inch screen makes viewing information easy. There is also a dock for this that turns the device into a laptop computer. Note that the picture from engadget only shows the device plugged into the dock. When you unplug it from the dock, you have a stand alone tablet.

If I didn’t already have a full blown tablet, I would buy this in a heartbeat. I have always said that tablets needed to have a full blown OS. Android came very close with the 3.0 Version of android, but it still wasn’t quite there. The iPad, don’t even get me started on that PoS. With a tablet like this, you can run any application you could think of, as well as manipulate pictures on the fly without having to lug around a huge laptop. Think about running photoshop to edit a picture of your friend to make them look like a clown in front of the louve. This device gives you the power.

Did I mention it has an ethernet port and built in USB? You now have the ability to plug in a mouse, DVD drive, EXT HDD, or whatever else you would need. It can get bulky to lug around all those devices, but you don’t have to take all those items with you. Being a tablet, you can touch the screen instead of using a mouse. Who needs a DVD drive anymore? And External HDD could be nice on the go, but I can’t think of too many times I would actually use it.

Since this is a full blown OS, you’ll have full access to flash content as well as a larger selection of games. This won’t run crysis, but you’ll be able to run the full version of plants vs zombies, crazy machines, as well as many other arcade style games. You know what? I just thought of a great idea. Since you’re running the full version of Windows 7, you can install the xBox 360 controller driver and play games like Dirt 2, or any other arcade style games.

I would have loved the iPad if they just would have had these capabilities built in. Instead, you have a larger iPod touch.